going for a second-go of it at ZOOMA Napa Valley half marathon 2015

Flurry of quick writing this morning, but another race in 2015 that I’m already looking forward to is the ZOOMA Napa Valley half up in, yup, Napa, on Saturday, June 20, 2015. I had the lovely opportunity to be a race ambassador for the inaugural event earlier this year, so I’m really excited to be back for the event’s second year.


When I was a race ambassador for ZNV earlier this year, I really enjoyed meeting many amazing women and runners, and it’s what I’m most looking forward to about this year’s iteration. That and the small detail that I want to race 100% better (read: more strongly) in 2015 than I did in 2014.

Napa-ing, home of a beautiful and potentially fast course, but one that wasn't mine for the taking
on the home stretch of ZNV ’14, wherein I raced like shit … but at least had pretty things to look at for 13.1.  (cred: Siming/RA)


handful of the ZNV ambassadors: Nicole, Kara, Karen, Miriam (from Ragnar!), Haley
handful of the ZNV ’14 ambassadors: Nicole, Kara, Karen, Miriam (from Ragnar!), Haley

You might notice that the 2015 race date is a week earlier than it was in 2014, so hopefully, your penultimate Saturday in June is still available for a lovely 13.1 or 6.2 mile jaunt through beautiful Napa. The race premiums and amenities for this race are quite huge, as they are wont to be with most women’s-focused races that I’ve done (a tech shirt, nice running socks, lots of post-race stuff, see the whole list here) so again… as if you ever need a reason to come to the northern part of this fine state, there you have it. :)

The races will likely sell out again for the 2015 series, so commit now! And my code, ERIN15, will net you a 10% savings for either the 10k or 13.1.

ERIN15 for 10% savings, wahoo!
ERIN15 for 10% savings, wahoo!

What’s on your calendar for 2015 already?

small town, big race. SLO Marathon 2015 race ambassador

Super stoked to post that I’ve got a marathon on my calendar in 2015, and one that I’ll be ambassador-ing for: the San Luis Obispo Marathon in, appropriately, San Luis Obispo, CA, on Sunday, April 26, 2015.


It will be a fantastic opportunity to run in another part of CA that I haven’t really explored yet and, along the way, a good opportunity to connect with other runners who are training for the race (ambassadors and otherwise). If you’re eyeing a springtime marathon, half, or 5k, come on out… it’ll be fun. :)

Here’s a description of the marathon course from the event website:

“The course starts fast with a loop around the tree-lined downtown, passing the neoned Fremont Theater and City Courthouse, Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa and classic architecture before heading into the hills, vineyards and farmland of the Edna Valley with scenic Morro views.

Upon return, participants head back into the town center to the spectator friendly finish line at the basin of Cerro San Luis Obispo Morro, Madonna Inn and The SLO Life Expo. The Marathon race starts at 250 ft. above sea level then covers 2 to 3 hill climbs before hitting a rollers in the Edna Valley as high as 375 ft. above sea level and finishes flat and downhill at 175 ft. above sea level.”

Sounds pretty good to me, and the course looks pretty fast, too.

And, in case you need a few other good reasons to come to California in late April, SLO is about a three hour drive (ish) from us in SJ (yay come visit!) and the town of SLO sounds like a wonderful place for a little runcation… again, from the website:

San Luis Obispo (San Louis O-bis-po) is located on the central coast of California and the half-way point in either direction from San Francisco and Los Angeles off Highway 101.

The area is consistently named a Top 10 place to live and the “Happiest Place in North America” for several attributes – our open spaces, plentiful bike paths, outdoor activities, Farmer’s Markets, wineries, friendly people, fabulous restaurants and great attractions. Well, we have to agree! San Luis Obispo, or SLO as the locals call it, is consistently featured in national media like USA Today, The New York Times, Sunset Magazine and The Today Show to name a few. It’s pure paradise.

There is no better place to run a Marathon or Half Marathon and “The Best Way to See SLOTown is on Foot!” Come for the challenge, competition and camaraderie and stay to experience The SLO Life. We have:

There you have it, friends. Come run fast at SLO. It’ll be fun. :)



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