An a.m. romp in the rain

An a.m. romp in the rain

How to celebrate finishing my summer obligations of a PT internship and a grad-level statistics class (whose final I took last night)?  Do one of the things I’ve neglected all summer: run.

I entertained the idea of running home after last night’s stats final, but with a rash of burglaries and assaults in my otherwise safe ‘hood, I was a bit hesitant.  This morning seemed like the better option.

Enter: Chicago, late August, about 68 degrees, and it has been raining nearly all night long.  Add: lakefront path, big waves, and wind so hard that it feels like for every step I make forward, some one (a wind monster, evidently) is trying to push me backward.  Luckily, the wind seemed to let up once I passed Navy Pier.  Before I stepped outside, I entertained the notion of doing a fartlek or maybe some 800m strides.  The weather made me decide otherwise!  I was satisfied with my solid 8:30s for about 7 miles.

Besides the wind, the weather could not have been better for an a.m. trek.  Putting in 7 miles before I get to work makes Erin a happy, content girl.  And why not?  If you had a summer full of school and internship and work and statistics, you’d want to celebrate by running it all “away,” too.

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