Breaking 1k

Breaking 1k

It’s probably a by-product of being a Millenial, but I find the desire to celebrate accomplishments, no matter how minor, and this is especially true for running.  Anything that screams “progress,” I have to cheer on.  That said, my total distance covered in any year becomes like a unicorn pursuit, and yesterday’s run took me over the 1,000 mile mark for total miles run in 2009.  Rock the fuck on.

I’ve got to add that not everyone believes that more mileage is better.  The FIRST method actually preaches the opposite– that less running reaps more results, when coupled with heart-pumping cross-training–and for some people’s biological or muscular conditions, their bodies simply can’t handle the miles.  I’m somewhere in between.  My IT bands begin to break around 50 mpw, so I’ve learned (through trial and error) that I most def need to respect that line.

The many steps we take in each run, seeing our long runs get longer, our paces faster, our enjoyment in one of the only sports that can truly link us to our ancestors… this sport gives us much to celebrate.  We mustn’t ever lose sight of this truth.

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