Vote for me in the Chicago Athlete contest!

Vote for me in the Chicago Athlete contest!

This is actually pretty funny, if not a little embarrassing.  Of course you all know how much I enjoy running, so when I saw that Chicago Athlete magazine was sponsoring a quick <300 word “why Chicago runs” contest, I just had to put my English degree to use 🙂  If you feel so compelled as well, please write your own little diddy, too!

Anyway, the contest is open to anyone, and the winner will get a host of free entry fees to a bunch of Chicago-area road races in 2010… worth probably around $500 (rough guess).  It’s really pretty silly, but hey, who doesn’t like to see her name in print, right? 😉

Here’s the link you need:

Thanks!  And of course… shameless self promotion… please help a girl out 🙂  Much love — E

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