And we wait.

And we wait.

That’s right- it’s that time!  The MCM is on Sunday, officially less than a week away.  I’m super excited to run the race and to jaunt around DC with my parents and C from Friday through Tuesday.  It will be most excellent.

I had my last long run, around 10 miles, on Saturday morning along Chicago’s lakefront with Jack, the recent Chicago marathon rock-star  who posted an impressive 3:29.  Our training run was nice, though the intense out-of-the-north winds I had to negotiate on my return home were less than wonderful.

Goals for the MCM?  Depends on how I feel.  Right now, the main goal is to break 4.  I plan to line up with the 3:40s and hang on.  If I have an awful day and run a 5 hour marathon, it’ll be the best 5 hour marathon I’ve ever run (and the only).  It’s going to be THAT fantastic; I just know it!

Keep an eye out for the post-race recap early next week.  Happy trails!

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