That High

That High

An injured running buddy (hi, Erin!) recently wrote how sick she is of cross-training because, among other reasons, she misses the runner’s high.  At first, I didn’t dwell on her point– merely agreed and kept reading and responding to her email.

After cross-training for most of this week — intentionally taking some time off from running intensity and high volume — I’m beginning to agree more and more with Erin’s remarks.  Both days this week, after I completed a sweat-pumping spin class, by hours later, the thought of what I had accomplished that morning had already left my mind.  I don’t think it made me sleep any better, eat any less, etc.

That just doesn’t happen with me when I run.  When I run, of course I feel it while doing it — the fun, the ease, the sometimes pain or minor annoyances — but I DEFINITELY feel it afterward, pretty much all day long.  I’m convinced that I sleep best on the nights where I run home from work.  My mornings, when I run, are super productive.  The days when I have class and I run prior to make me feel like I’m spot-on with all my comments and analyses.  And of course, the beloved runners’ high … don’t need to elaborate on that one here!

I just don’t get that from cross-training.

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