No turning back

No turning back

You know when it’s real when:

  • 10/10/10 is in the 10-day forecast… and you begin to check it religiously.
  • You begin to think about everything that you’ll be eating for the rest of the week and how you’ll be able to sneak-in another hour or so of sleep each night.
  • And perhaps the “a-ha!” moment that makes you realize that this isn’t all in your head… you ride the bus to work and are reminded by the omnipresent CTA voiceover that “Due to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon scheduled for Sunday, October 10, all downtown buses will be re-routed between the hours of 6am and 4pm.  Please consider taking rail as an alternate route.”


2 thoughts on “No turning back

  1. That is the same moment on the bus I put my head between my legs, focus on exhaling, and ask the driver to open the window so I don’t puke.
    Hello nerves.

    …but the forecast is looking pretty good

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