Follow me on my Sweet 16th on Sunday

Follow me on my Sweet 16th on Sunday

My Sweet 16th Marathon, that is!!! 🙂

You can set everything up online by going here:  Please note that you’ll have to input “mink garvey” as my last name (even though it’s not); this race was comped for me, so the guy who signed me up doesn’t understand the double-middle name-single-surname thing I’ve got going on 🙂 Like the rest of the world, he thinks I’m a double-surname type of gal.  Alas…

I can’t guarantee that the text messages will be timely or if they’ll even work- they didn’t at Boston this year!- but if you’re curious about my progress, there’s no harm in this.  I believe you’ll get charged the standard text message rate that your carrier usually charges.  Otherwise, I’ll send a quick text message (or call) myself once I finish rockin’ the race and get to my phone.  (It takes a long time to get through the marathon-finish-area, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from me right away)

Right now, the weather’s slated for a low of 55 and a high of 74 for Sunday, with partly cloudy skies.  It’s not ideal–it’d be way better if it were about 10-20 degrees cooler–so I’ll adjust my plans accordingly on race morning.  If the stars align and the temperature becomes a non-issue, I’ll be shooting for a 3:35… about an 8:12/8:14 pace.  If it’s not my day, well, then, I’ll have a 26.2 mile block party to traverse!  It’s just a race, after all… and anything I accomplish will be a PPR 🙂

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