1. Just got back from babycation in Vegas with C… pics will soon be posted on  Loads of fun!

2. On Saturday, before C and I departed for Vegas, I did a 10 miler… 29 weeks/3 days pregnant – and felt great!  The weather was beginning to warm up a bit, thereby melting the snow on the path, so it made for a really pleasant run.  I don’t remember my stats from it, but I think my average pace was ~10:30.  Hell, it could have been ~20 mins/mile and I would have been happy!  I felt great both during and after the run.  So happy I did it!

3. My aforeposted blog post – my essay entitled “Yoda and the (P)PR” that I wrote for my essay class – earned me an A.  Sweet!

4. And finally, it’s Wednesday, February 16, which is still considered wintertime in Chicago, and I just got back from a mid-day lunch break run, outside, wearing SHORTS!  No hat, no gloves, no double-layer of tights… just shorts, a short-sleeve tech, and a very lightweight jacket (so I could have a pocket), plus some sunglasses.  How cool is that?!  And tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer outside.

Just a few things to be happy about right now 🙂

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