Greetings from the other side

Greetings from the other side

Too funny that on May 3, I wrote “I must be especially virtuous these days,” referencing that Yoda’s due date was April 28, and as of the afternoon of May 3, I was still Yoda-less.


Little did I know that, after my Technical Writing class that evening, I would go home and go into labor.


Hence, my… um…. fourteen-week delay in blogging 🙂


Suffice it to say that I’ve ruminated a good amount in the past three-and-a-half-ish months, and of the fourteen weeks since little Alice’s birth (yes, Yoda was a Yolanda!), I’ve been running since I got the all-clear at my six-week postpartum check-up.  I have tried to be a bit conservative in my amateur comeback, but overall, I actually have been pretty pleased with how things have progressed.  At about twelve weeks postpartum, I did my first race, a little 5k back in Ohio, and I won my age group, which was a great confidence booster.  I’ve since registered for a 5 mile race, also back in Ohio, for Labor Day Monday, and since this will be my first time racing this distance, it’s an automatic PR.  Score.


More to come!

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