WDYDT 3/15: 5.5 maintenance/recovery

WDYDT 3/15: 5.5 maintenance/recovery

Athlinks.com (a really great site, by the way) has this neat feature called WDYDT– “what did you do today?” — which I’m guessing is supposed to keep the camaraderie and competition high amongst runners on the site (and probably add-in some elements of accountability).  I have a profile on the site– or really, I guess just a compilation of records of races that I’ve run since 2007– so I think it makes more sense to write my WDYDT here instead.  Digression.

So what did I do?  5.5, maintenance, and felt a bit sluggish.  Think the Garmin said it was around a low-8 average, though some of the miles were closer to 7:40s/7:50s before I had a moment with myself and reminded me to “slow the fuck down, Erin!”  (hey, sometimes I need to be that crass with myself)…

Tuesday’s 7×800 Yassos at a sub-3:25 for all of them (and the last handful at sub 3:20, yikes), combined with lots of walking with A over the past few days in the unseasonably warm and sunny weather, and getting a massage yesterday evening, and the fact that I ran today in the mid-70s, I think all compounded to just make my legs feel a bit tired.

Good thing I got the feedback today, though, so I know when I run on Friday and Saturday, in advance of Sunday’s hilly half at March Madness, I’ll keep the miles to a minimum and the volume and intensity to simple maintenance, if not recovery.

On that note, Sunday’s slated to have highs in the mid-70s and lows only in the high 60s.  Maybe it’ll be cooler in the far NW burbs that morning… or at least just from 8:35 until about 10.  We shall see…

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