Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

Well, now that it’s official–the MA is officially mine!  hooray for Masters #2!–in theory, I will have all sorts of time to catch-up on blogging.  Wonderful!

That said, something I haven’t written about but have been thinking about are my goals for 2012.  I’m a big goals person, and luckily for me, or maybe perhaps why I’m drawn to it in the first place, running and marathoning and goals-setting all go together pretty well.  New Year’s is in my top three all-time favorite “holidays” list in large part because of all the goals-setting and resolution-writing that come with beginning a new year (even if the goals are short-sighted).  I guess you can say that I just like the spirit of trying to make myself into a better human being, however that may manifest.

That said, here are my running-related goals for 2012.  It’s nearly April, so sure, I’m late to the party in articulating them, but better late than never.  Some are more developed than others, and some aren’t very good according to SMART standards, but here’s where they are right now.  I fully reserve the right to alter them as situations necessitate 🙂

1. Drop time in 5k and half-marathon: ideally 21 flat 5k and 1:35 half

2. Go sub-3:35 in the marathon

3. Rock the NYC marathon on my 29th birthday; it’ll be a 26.2 mile birthday party!

4. Do a new race this year: a trail run or an ultra.  Or both…

5. Be a better cross-trainer (read: begin cross-training, and do it regularly) and start CrossFit to become a more balanced athlete and runner

6. Seep my running passion into other areas of my life in an effort to make me a better mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, family member, and human being

We’ll revisit these again in December.

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