The elusive high

The elusive high

Talk to any runner about the elusive “runner’s high,” and you’ll probably get a host of explanations and defenses about whether (or how) it exists (or doesn’t).

Here’s an interesting article about it that I picked off another site; apparently, some scientists maintain that it was the runner’s high that played a key role in human evolution.

The New York Times’ Well Blog also took on this article just recently here.  And like the author’s friend, I’m totally in agreement; I would be guilty if I said I haven’t almost burst into tears (or actually cried) following a hard race or hell, even a hard training run.

What’s my take on the runner’s high?

I totally, 100% believe it.

For sure.

I don’t necessarily think the elusive high is just reserved for running, but I’ve (personally) not gotten it from anything else.  What’s interesting to note, too, is that the first article cited the research that was done on this by way of a treadmill.  It’s hard for me to believe that anyone can get a runner’s high from a treadmill, but that’s just me.  (Haven’t touched the thing since the Dominican Republic in 2009).

Anyway.  I wouldn’t have an entire blog devoted to running RUMINATIONS if I didn’t think there was some good after-effect of running.

Add it to the never-ending list of reasons to run or, minimally, reasons to lead a very active lifestyle.

What'cha thinkin?