Lately, things–running and otherwise–have been going well. The training, which, six months ago, intimidated me to the ends of the earth, is actually pretty manageable, and luckily, my body has been responding well. I think I’m a Pfitz fangirl now. It’s ok; admitting it is probably the first step.  Granted, most of my runs are now predawn vampire runs with Declan, since it seems we’re among the only crazies who have partners and kids and whose schedules necessitate the early runs, but hey, I’ve always been a morning person, anyway.

Our view most mornings. It looks darker than it is. The lakefront, for the most part, is extremely well-lit. [image stolen from]
Our view most mornings. It looks darker than it is. The lakefront, for the most part, is extremely well-lit. [image stolen from]
The family is doing well, with the little one beginning school here twice a week, on the days that I teach… and oh yeah, I’m beginning to teach again, in a little under a week, actually. Professor Ruminator, FTW. (Note: I tell my students they don’t have to address me as Professor, but I think most of them are, initially, at least, pretty afraid of me, so they do. It’s endearing. I try not to let all the marathoning business come spewing out on the first day, but it’s typically my go-to “about me” mention that is somewhat interesting, operative word here being “somewhat”).

future Blue Demon... but hanging out in an anthill (?) at the LP Zoo in the interim. Baby steps to higher ed.
future Blue Demon… but hanging out in an anthill (?) at the LP Zoo in the interim. Baby steps to higher ed.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to resuming teaching after a couple quarters off and then peaking a few more times in advance of Chicago, and then hitting the homestretch flying for mary #20, a statistic that still blows me away. Never in a million years when I signed up for, and ran, Chicago in 2007, my first, did I think that just a handful of years later, I’d be running it again for the fourth time and as my twentieth race. And, while I’m stoked to be running NYC, I haven’t, and most likely won’t, think about any race strategy for it until after Chicago. Hell, I’m just now entering the early stages of Chicago strategy brainstorming anyway.

with Sarah (center) and Traci (right) at the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in 2007, my first race. Throwback to my fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:
with Sarah (center) and Traci (right) at the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in 2007, my first race. Pretty sure I wore those stylin’ purple mesh shorts that year for the Shuffle. Throwback to my fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for mary #1 in ’07:

The lull in blogging is due mostly to time–being a SAHM doesn’t lend itself to having oodles of spare time on your hands, especially when your kiddo is as active and curious as mine (read: anytime I sit down, my lap, and whatever I’m doing [reading, talking on the phone, eating, whatever] is fair game)–but also, if I’m being honest, mostly due to a dry spell. Many bloggers whose stuff I read each week post a weekly roundup of their workouts, how things went, and how they’re feeling. I totally enjoy reading them, yet I haven’t written them myself because I figure no one wants to read my ramblings about my runs, particularly since I go into aggravating detail on my dailymile entries every morning. If I don’t talk about my training, what else can I talk about? I’m not an expert on anything, in particular, related to running; I merely speak from my own experiences (and those of my friends I’ve assisted in some way). I don’t do giveaways or sponsored posts.  I guess I could react to whatever goings-on in the running community that are sweeping the interwebz, but honestly, by the time I read said goings-on, and then get to a computer to react, it could be days, weeks, or months, even…and stale news sucks.

However, I have had a few good friends rock their recent marathons–and all in Wisconsin, strangely enough–that has given me some awesome dose of inspiration for my fall mary schedule and whose accounts are worth reading. Don’t get me wrong; I had no doubt that all three of these fine speed racers–Ken, AB (Annabelle), and Meredith–were going to blaze, but how MUCH they blazed, and with what AUTHORITY, was just badass. Apparently Wisconsin is the place to run some awesome marathons these days!

I’ve bookmarked Ken’s, AB’s, and Meredith’s race recaps and pretty much get nothing short of totally fired up when I read, or re-read, their accounts, because I appreciate a) how much balls they had to bust to rock like they did (lettin’ ’em hang out, ladies and gents!) and b) how sweet it is to bask in the afterglow, even if only temporarily, as they totally celebrate their realization of their goal. Sharing in their victory, and drawing inspiration from them, is a sweet privilege that unites all us folks in the runner community, a privilege that (I’d wager) non-runners don’t “get” on the same level. I think I get equal parts teary and wanting to go kick ass when I read their accounts or even think of their victories. (I’m a sap and apparently love me some pathos). And, sidenote, as if my runner buddies’ sweet, sweet victories weren’t enough, AB and Ken both are doing some serious good in the world via their running pursuits this fall. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read all about it here and here, and consider helping a sister and brother out.

Anyway, that’s really about it these days. Take it as no news being good news, I suppose. We’re at almost a month, and just under two months, until Chicago and NYC respectively, and I’m getting excited. I’m still trying very much to focus on the workout at hand (and trying really hard not to look ahead at next week’s workouts), and I think the mindfulness is grounding me and helping to keep me present in my workouts which, if you know me, can be a bit of a challenge.  I’m enjoying the game of trying to juggle family stuff with training and soon, teaching, and I look to my runs each day as opportunities to prove to myself that I have what it takes to achieve my goals this fall, ambitious and let-the-balls-fly as they might seem.

What say, er, write, you, when you feel you’ve got nothing worthwhile? Tell me about your fall race(s) training!

10 thoughts on “Lately

  1. 🙂 Of course we want to read! Great status update. You are kicking butt in your training, and I know you are going to dominate Chicago! Appreciate the shout-outs! Still jealous you are running NYC!

  2. Just wait until one of them thinks they got your number running! Won’t they be in for a shock!

    What, are you saying SAHMs don’t lounge around eating bon bons and nap all day?!

    Keep up the awesome work! It’s a blast having you as a vampire hour running partner and friend!

    1. Thanks, Declan! I enjoy our vampire runs together 🙂 and yes! some of my students are runners (mostly recreational), although one runs for the school’s XC and track teams. Kinda wild!

  3. First, awesome training! I’m still amazed that you can do 60-70 mile weeks, and keep that up.

    Second, to respond to your question: I think my training’s taken a more well-rounded approach. I’m putting in fewer miles than I did for Eugene, but I’ve started putting more emphasis on strength work and cross-training than I had before. Honestly (and I don’t know why I’m using your blog instead of mine for this confession), I’m feeling a bit burnt out from constantly being in a training cycle. Don’t get me wrong, I love running, but I’ve had about 6 weeks in the last 2.25 years when I wasn’t in some marathon training cycle. But I digress. (Hey, I might’ve just found a topic for a post on my sorely neglected blog!)

    1. thanks, Austin! I’m also pretty surprised about how this cycle is going. A friend of mine told me, after the Eugene cycle, that I ought to consider experimenting with my mileage because (he posited) that maybe I was one of those weirdos whose bodies respond well, or better, to more mileage than less. It was a little terrifying initially for all the obvious reasons (injury, overtraining), but so far, so good.

      And I hear ya on the burnt-out thing. I think you’re training wisely though. Had it not been for my pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, wherein I scaled down my running significantly, stopped, and then restarted, I’d probably be in your same boat. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

  4. I tend to get a little writers’ block in the midst of heavy training too. It is just “head down and train”. Which is why most of my posts are training recaps. I have been enjoying linking to your DM posts from twitter lately so keep posing them 🙂 I have really enjoyed our runs together and look forward to any more miles with you!

    1. Aw, thanks, Corey! I’ve enjoyed your run company as well! and maybe you have something to this idea of exerting so much mental effort that there’s nothing left for substantive blogging content… 🙂

  5. I thought it’d been awhile since we heard from you! 🙂 Oh and believe me, the only reason I even have time to write a weekly training recap is because I have to send one to coach every weekend anyway. Otherwise, they might never be written. I’m psyched to see how the rest of your training goes. And dude, 20 marathons?! I had no idea! Have a soft goal for Chicago yet?

    1. Ha, thanks, Jenny! and yea, 20 marathons… kinda crazy. Never thought I’d be one of “those,” but alas… Soft goals are still in the works for Chicago. I think I have a couple more weeks of “peak weeks,” then I’ll probably start to articulate them aloud and not keep them solely within my mental confines 🙂

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