Guest post on TSFM blog

Guest post on TSFM blog

Just a quick referral over to The San Francisco Marathon’s blog, where I wrote a guest post today, as part of the lovely ambassador gig, on “going after your crazy-ass goals.”  Yes, the key phrase in that statement is “crazy-ass.”

I’m just touched by the wonderful support and encouragement that I’ve gotten as a result of this post, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear what your crazy-ass goals are. 🙂  Tell me everything!

And, don’t forget, you can still save $10 off any race during TSFM weekend (the full, the first or second half, or the 5k) by using my ambassador discount code: DSC10TSFM2014A26.  I would LOVE to see you here! Like really, love love love to see you.

Without further ado, going after your crazy-ass goals. 🙂 And, as always, many thanks to Matt for putting this idea into my head many, many months ago. 🙂


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