Non-running-related nonsense

Non-running-related nonsense

Most of my entries are along these lines: I’m training for this race, it’s going really well, I’m really super stoked to see what I can do in X number of weeks or I ran this race, it was really awesome, I’m really happy I can do this nonsense in the first place, and yay yay yay all the happy emotions and heart explosions and good times with special people… rinse and repeat.

Some galpals back in Chicago (lookin’ at you, Corey and Xaar) periodically publish posts (what up, alliteration!) that basically talk about the good stuff/bad stuff/whatever stuff that’s happening in their lives beyond running, and I personally enjoy reading entries like those because there’s good stuff to talk about besides running (shocking, I know)… and hey, they’re my friends, and I like to know what’s going on with my friends. Here’s my attempt at the here’s what’s going on in my life, beyond running post…

1. Fundraising. Well, this is running-related somewhat, but I’m so stoked to say that I met my $1800 fundraising goal for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! From July onward, I was fundraising for LLS for the Nike Women’s San Francisco half marathon, and I’m really stoked to wear a purple Team in Training singlet for the first time in a few years come 10/19. Asking people for money is a bit awkward, but just like most things in life, you don’t know how successful (or not) you’ll be until and unless you try. The crazy thing? Over $2,400. And the crazier thing? I had an anonymous $500 donor. That’s badass… and unbelievably humbling and inspiring.


2. Reading. In my next life, I may very well just read all day, every day, because there is so much good stuff out there, and I love talking books. I’ve recently finished Relentless Forward Progress, a book that has been recommended to me by virtually every ultra runner I know, and it has been a great resource to me thus far with training. Some good non-running books? For starters, To Rise Again at a Decent Hour. It’s interesting, which admittedly is one of the least helpful words in the English language to describe something, but this narrative is kinda in its own class. I don’t know how really to describe it; maybe a crappy catch phrase like “believe in doubt” would suffice. It left me scratching my head in bafflement, laughing out loud, or rolling my eyes–among other reactions–so it’s worth at least a consideration.

TRAADHI rarely read fiction, but apparently I’m on a small kick for it because another good one that I just finished in a hot minute was Dave Eggers’ Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?  I generally enjoy Eggers’ work but sometimes don’t enjoy how he fucks with formality–it just makes for hellaciously abrupt reading, kinda like these jarring interruptions I keep including–but I really enjoyed this one from the start. It’s an incredibly fast read because it’s entirely dialogue-driven, and if you’re into the whole “unstable narrator” thing, you’ll have a ball with it. To be fair, I think the political commentary underscoring the book cheapens the experience a tad, but again, still worth a read. A purchase, eh, but a read, for sure.

your fathers dave eggers

3. Braiding! My daughter’s hair is slowly getting longer, and since I’ve always wanted to learn how to do cool french braids, fishtails, and other hairstyles beyond my very limited hair-stylin’ repertoire, Youtube and I, and the various “easy ways to do your toddler’s hair” channels, have become BFFs. I get stupid excited every time I do something new that I take pictures of it to document it. I want to be able to do hair as well as my sister (and I always send her the pictures to document my  fledgling progress). The technique definitely needs some work still, but my little guinea pig doesn’t seem to mind (most days).


4. Baby on board signs. One of the weirder things I’ve noticed about SJ/the south bay compared to Chicago is the very high number of “baby on board” signs I see on vehicles everywhere. The funny thing is that often, the baby on board signs’ placements create little mini blind spots, so I gotta think that they’ve defeating their initial purpose–please drive safely because I have a child in my car, but here, let me voluntarily create yet another blind spot for myself–but anyway. I’ve taken to photographing any that I see because I find it so amusing and because they all just so perfectly smack of this notion of Silicon Valley exceptionalism that apparently extends from tech companies to people’s progeny. Who knew. It’s so weird to me. Can anyone explain this???

this is one of the more original ones I've seen. also, this car had two of these signs.
this is one of the more original ones I’ve seen. also, this car had two of these signs.

Otherwise, all is well in these parts. What’s shakin with you?! and GOOD LUCK and RUN LIKE HELL, Chicago Marathoners!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Non-running-related nonsense

  1. I thought those “Baby On Board” signs went out of style in the 90s. Maybe not in California? 🙂 Congrats on meeting your fund-raising goal!

    1. Thanks, Pete, for all your support!! And yea…I’m guessing SJ didn’t get the memo, haha. Have a blast on Sunday!!

  2. Was that the “Baby on Board” sign you snapped a photo of when I was with you? Hahaha. Love it! I’m surprised I haven’t seen that sign on any cars up here, because that is a pretty Portland variation on it. Loved the rest of the post too. 🙂

  3. Howdy, girl! So good to hear from you! If you pay attention, you’ll also notice that the universe regularly sends you signs to help guide you along your path in life… Just sayin!

    1. Amyyyy!!! Man, your comment could have come straight outta To Rise Again at a Decent Hour. 🙂 are you insinuating something?! xo babe!

  4. I love your posts, they always make me smile 🙂 being able to follow your running and non running has been a nice escape for me.

    I hate hate hate the baby on board signs. It’s like we put a premium on babies lives and as we age we get less and less important in society… Eh I’ll stop my rant there. 😉

    You are kicking butt with the fundraising! So freaking amazing! You’ll love the women’s half… I did it (the full) in 2010 and the course was very nice. Not sure if it’s still the same. I’d just recommend to start as close to the startline as possible because of the demographic of the race. I didn’t start too far back and was weaving between loads of folks for miles and miles. 😉

    1. aww 🙂 good to know about the race logistics; I’ve heard that before, so I’ll try to get my ass there early!

      And I totally agree with the BOB signs. It’s just so weird how often I see them here–seriously, at least one per car ride… and usually, it’s far more than that.

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