life, in a nutshell

life, in a nutshell

One of my favorite Barenaked Ladies songs and also an appropriate description for this post. It’s been a bit since I posted a non-running-specific bit, so I’m probably due.

things that will make me lose my mind. Perhaps blame the raging pregnancy hormones for my irritability with this, but yeah, apparently there’s enough people in this country who think that bringing back measles is totally cool. Even better, my family and I live in the state most affected/infected! And better still?! There have been at least two reported cases in my county! Honest to god, I thought all the bullshit I read online about “detoxes” and “cleanses” and “eating clean” made my blood boil… this measles stuff takes the cake. dear lord. I get it, I’m a parent, and as parents, we get to choose how to parent our children in ways that we think are best for them … yet … science, people. SCIENCE. One more time for good measure: SCI. ENCE.

^learn some basic science, folks. (and for a great video, in case you need a refresher as to why this is so. fucking. important. —


dreams. There are lots of potentially unpleasant things that come with pregnancy, but one of the more fun ones is the whackadoo dreams you might potentially have! Highlights of my most recent ones include high school boy troubles and shitty friendships; seeing and catching up with my long-ago-deceased family members; dreaming that kiddo dos ended up being a super-bright ginger daughter; and having a baby pet crocodile that I had to walk (on a leash) in my grandma’s kitchen, in the house she lived in until I was in high school. Hormones can be fuuuuuun.


Neil Patrick Harris. Totally enamored. Santa brought C his choose-your-own-adventure autobiography, though it was really probably more for Santa and less for C, and it was a blast to read. NPH is one of those crazy-talented individuals, and the fact that he genuinely sounds like a normal dude who’s also a dad just takes the cake. You should totally read his autobio. At times I was literally laughing out loud, and at other times, I was crying. (The stuff he writes about becoming a father is especially poignant and endearing).


lifting. I decided it was high time to get super stronger, so I took advantage of my parks and rec department’s awesome promotion for New Years and bought a citywide gym pass, primarily just so I’d really have an incentive to go do stuff that I should be doing anyway, like lifting. After a 30 minute shakeroo run on Monday, I lifted at a gym for the first time in probably … four years?, and it was a fuckin’ blast. I forget how fun lifting can be. It’s also great that there’s not a single soul in the gym when I’m there, so I basically have full run of the place.


fetus. All good! Just about outta the first tri and slowly but surely beginning to feel like a human (and myself, somewhat) again. CA does their genetic testing differently from what we had done in IL, so we could do it as soon as 9 weeks gestational age. The crazy thing is that C already knows the sex from this genetic testing stuff because the testing basically separated my blood from that of the kiddo’s (hashtag science is cool) and checked out the DNA and stuff.  Crazy. Just like with A, I adamantly don’t want to know the sex and won’t know it until delivery. Right now, I’m feeling girl, but that means nothing.  I’m already beginning to feel little movements, too. It’s so fun.


possible (amended) running goal for 2015. Initially, 2015 was going to be the year that I finally obliterated my 3:20 PR and posted that 3:15ish and then later, run my first 50 miler. Those things aren’t going to happen this year, and that’s totally a-okay in my book and called for a goal revisit. Beyond the obvious and most important grow and nourish and then safely deliver a healthy baby, depending on how life goes post-kiddo dos’ arrival, I might end up pacing a friend for the final 22 miles of his debut 50miler at TNF EC in December. I won’t be in any rush to get back to my usual fitness levels, so I haven’t committed to it. I just think it’s pretty cool to consider. We’ll see.


the flying fish. My current love for popsicles is beat only by A’s love for swimming.

I love her teacher's "oh, shit!" face
I love her teacher’s “oh, shit!” face


winter in SJ. It has been rough. These are from Sunday, when friends and family in the midwest were getting hit hard and heavy with snow.

tulip looping at Rancho San Antonio
tulip looping at Rancho San Antonio w S





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  1. We’re promoting the MMR pretty hard in the pharmacy now, given the chance people didn’t finish the series, and at lest one adult who wasn’t fully vaccinated has told me that they don’t want to get the vaccine because they might get the measles.

    1. Haha, yeah, I’m a jerk. And goodness yes. Rand Paul makes my head spin. Thanks for unnecessarily politicizing this, ya butthead.

  2. I know this Measles thing is killing me! What is going on? We are here in California also and I am freaked out. I was vaccinated as a child and my three children have been also, we all turned out just fine. Oh and I love popsicles any time of the year 🙂

  3. Totally with you on the vaccinations thing. Please don’t kill my child, people. I only have one!

    Are you getting the ‘saucy’ dreams? They were my favourite.

  4. Ah my god, I swim and also do water aerobics there at that Splash Swim School site. 🙂 Her instructors face is hilarious.
    I’m freaked by the measles. And it just keeps getting better in the news. ugh. that reminds me, I need to hunt for a pediatrician in our area. this whole baby business and then finding them a doctor thing is such a new experience.
    my dreams haven’t been too crazy as of late, but Robert Downy Jr made an appearance. which was pretty damn thrilling. lol.
    those trails look great. 🙂

    1. I really dig my daughter’s pediatrician practice; let me know if you want a rec. Incidentally, I found the place by way of a rec from a twitter friend-turned real friend IRL who has a son about the same age as my daughter (yay internet for being helpful!). and fun! Safe Splash is great 🙂

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