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Day: March 23, 2015

Celebrating 3 years of SJ’s Moms Run This Town chapter, with ZOOMA’s help

Celebrating 3 years of SJ’s Moms Run This Town chapter, with ZOOMA’s help

Shortly after my family and I moved to SJ from Chicago, an acquaintance-turned-friend from Instagram, Bernadette, connected me with the SJ/Milpitas chapter of Moms Run This Town (MRTT). It’s a free group, comprised of women who primarily run but also walk, swim, bike, hike–everything, basically–with athletic experience ranging from fresh novice to advanced and experienced. The SJ chapter of MRTT is apparently the largest chapter spanning the Silicon Valley area, with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of members in the fb group alone, and– no surprise here– the group is chock full of inspiring women who do the mother thing AND the wife thing AND the athlete thing AND the career woman thing (and on and on). It’s a pretty awesome group and kinda mind-boggling to know how much these women accomplish in their fitness endeavors while also childrearing; that’s no easy balance.

MRTT header

When I learned that our chapter was celebrating its three-year birthday, with the blessings and gracious help and many donations from ZOOMA staff, I offered to contribute some great ZOOMA swag and ZOOMA race sponsor items to be raffled off at the party last Saturday. ZOOMA gave us tons of technical t-shirts, running hats, reusable-material messenger bags, and some great Cytomax and Clif products for the mother runners… in addition to our standing 10% discount for race registration for Napa Valley (shameless plug: ERIN15 to save some cash!) in June. It was really awesome to be able to contribute so much good stuff to our running community and to get folks excited about this 2 year-old event up in Napa in June.

ZoomaMML-NV-logo-HRI think the next few photos can speak for themselves. The raffle winners were obviously quite excited to win the ZOOMA and sponsor swag, and I think a few ladies are even considering signing up for the flat and fast 10k or half marathon race. Awesome!

just a handful of the ladies in the SJMRTT chapter (PC: Irma/SJMRTT)
a few of the ladies in the SJMRTT chapter; we had over 50 people at the party (PC: Irma/SJMRTT)








just a few of the prize offerings from ZOOMA
just a few of the prize offerings from ZOOMA




Again, big thanks to ZOOMA for helping the San Jose/Milpitas chapter of Moms Run This Town celebrate our third birthday, and thank you for all that you’ve done for the women’s running community. I hope we’ll see some of my SJMRTT teammates toeing the line in June 🙂