FitFest at Title Nine (#T9FitFest)– and a bra giveaway for you!

FitFest at Title Nine (#T9FitFest)– and a bra giveaway for you!

Hello from the midwest — land of high humidity, super green grass, NO DROUGHT, and (most of) my family!

more cousins!
more cousins!

I was pretty surprised– and pretty excited– when Title Nine (T9), a women’s activewear and bra company, contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I’d be interested in participating in their 2015 Bra FitFest in the Bay Area. Though I had heard of T9, both from when I lived in Chicago and since relocating to CA, I had never actually shopped there. Among other things, T9 is known for their extensive bra offerings (sports bras, day-to-day bras, and lots in between), but I never felt like I needed to shop at such a nice store for my undergarments because those $15 sportsbras from Target (or those 2-for$20 offerings from Costco, or hell, *cough* those bras I might still have from high school or college 100 years ago *cough*) worked juuuuuuuust fine.

Well, please let me tell you a little secret: when you get pregnant, and consequently, when you breastfeed, your knockers go all sorts of wild. A-cup before? Bring on the Ds (plus)! Cheapy-cheap bras worked ok before? Kiss those babies goodbye!

So, yeah… it was pretty serendipitous timing that T9 contacted me right in the beginning of my third trimester because a) I’m pretty sure my boobs are growing still, b) once I begin breastfeeding, they’re only going to get even bigger, and c) I should probably stop wearing those cheapy-cheap guys I keep talking about when I run 30+ weeks pregnant and several cup sizes bigger than norm if I want my boobs to *not* hit my knees when I’m 32.

A and I headed over to the T9 store in Los Gatos for a fitting (me, not her). I had no idea what I was looking for — something more everyday or something specifically for running — and furthermore, I didn’t know if it’d make more sense to get a bra that’d fit my pregnant/breastfeeding boobs or the normal-sized gals. The T9 staff was super attentive, super patient, and super knowledgeable as they helped me figure out how things were fitting versus how they should be fitting and which type of bra made the most sense for my purposes. By the end of my fitting session, I kid you not, I am pretty sure I tried on at least 30 different bras.

Ultimately, I ended up with this gem from Moving Comfort because I’d be able to wear it now (very pregnant), running (pregnant and postpartum), and breastfeeding — the latter being the real kicker since the bra features nursing bra-like clasps and flip-down cups (and if you’ve ever BF, you know that having a good nursing bra is priceless). To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever tried on or merely *thought* about bras as much as I did during the fitting I had at T9. To boot, from what I’ve felt on runs so far, the bra fits great and has had minimal chafing (big win!).

While I’m sure you’re extremely happy for me and my breasts (thanks!), I am bantering on and on about my boobs and my bra fitting experience because T9 wants you to come on out to one of their FitFests at a local store — so you, too, can ensure that you’re wearing a bra that makes sense for your purposes — and best of all, they are providing my readers with a giveaway for a free bra! How awesome is that (my first blog giveaway!)?!

First, here are the details about the FitFests:


The idea behind the FitFest events is that the T9 bra experts want to make the whole process easier and more fun. They’ll help you find your perfect bra — based on your unique body shape, size, and activity–  and therefore, get you goin’ toward a more comfortable existence (yay!) and workout (double yay!). T9’s FitFest events entail:

  • Personalized bra fitting advice from a “bravangelist” expert
  • An expanded assortment of bras (including nursing bras for my pregnant or breastfeeding mama athletes out there!)
  • Bras for sports, work-to-workout, everyday and date night
  • A “Bounce-ath-a-lon” for those who want to put Title Nine’s bras to the test, with stations like hula hoop, jump rope, run around the block, & burpees

Anyone interested in participating at a FitFest should RSVP at a local T9; I’ve screenshot the locations and events below. Go to the titlenine website to RSVP!


And! If the FitFest stuff isn’t enough, they’re also hosting a giveaway for one of my readers! It’s open to anyone in the US and includes a personalized fitting (in-store or over the phone, in case you’re not near a T9 store), along with one comped bra (really awesome!!).

To enter the giveaway, please leave me a comment below by Friday, June 19, telling me why this awesome opportunity is the right fit for you (get it… fit… bra… I am so clever…). My independent panel of judges will decide the winner, and I’ll notify you via email if you’re the lucky one.

For more information about T9 via social media:

Let’s have some fun with this! And thank you, T9, for the great opportunity!

Goes without saying, but the views expressed here are my own. T9 comped my bra, and it rocks, and I was really impressed with this company and their service and thus want to recommend them to you. If you can make it out to a FitFest, I’d encourage you to go for it, and even if you can’t, definitely check out T9 next time you’re in the market for a bra.

18 thoughts on “FitFest at Title Nine (#T9FitFest)– and a bra giveaway for you!

  1. I have some awesome running bras and some ok regular bras but I could use some new ones that fit…also I have trouble finding a good fit. So some of my best bras are old and starting to get ratty. And you know… Free is up my alley! Hope you are enjoying the Midwest! LMK. If you mark it here!

  2. I am totally up for a new bra. I use Target and Nike lycra ones for my booblettes and they do me well, but I’ve been thinking that my day to day bras may not be the right size, so I’d love a good fitting and a new bra.
    Have a lovely time at home!!

  3. This opportunity is a “good fit” (ha ha) for me becauseeee .. a few reasons. Firstly, I’m still under the delusion that I’m in high school and can get away with those cheapie and cute-colored sports bras from Target. I can’t. Having separate “gym bras” and “running bras” is ridiculous. Secondly, the best bra I’ve ever had was from GapBody (surprisingly) and I bought it in 4 colors. Two of them fell apart at the seams, and the other two are swiftly starting to get stanky and gross. They don’t carry that style anymore, though… Thirdly, a running clothes brand I really like and support makes super cute bras, but my B/C boobs spill over the top! Quelle conundrum!!

  4. I would love a new sports bra! Mine is a bit tight so I know it isn’t the right size. I love that they do fittings at their store- thanks for the chance!

  5. I would definnitely like to have a new bra. I like bras that are comfortable and ones that I can wear all day (basically versatile). I work as a tennis administrator and resident tennis professional so I have to find clothes that fit both settings or can easily convert from one to the other. This bra seems like it would do just that! It would also be super cool to be officially fitted.

  6. I need a new bra so bad.I have never been fitted before.I wanted a bra for running and its hard to find one that’s supportive enough.

  7. Ha — went right back to my littles post-baby 😉 I did start running recently and have found I need more support, despite my small size. I am moving to a drier climate, so I hope that will mean that I don’t get stuck in my clothing most mornings. I love the zip ones, which makes it a bit easier.

  8. Oh my gosh Erin, trying on bras alone is such a job…running bras even more so. Title 9 is a great brand. I am so overdue for a new one myself as I find that I “double” up for a run these days since my current running bra situation is dire and they are all in need of retirement.

  9. Still looking for an awesome sports bra, have not tried Title Nine yet. I run, yoga and dance fitness so I need to kkep my wardrobe fresh. Yes I have been fitted for a normal bra but not for a Sports Bra. Thanks for the chance to try Title Nine.

  10. I am in the same boat as you — currently nursing and squeezing into my pre-baby sports bras. They work, but not as great as they probably should and when I get home I do all sorts of contortions to be able to nurse without completely changing my outfit right away. It would be awesome to get fit into something nursing friendly and supportive.

  11. I have been trying to work out more but as a busty woman I desperately need a well fitting sports bra for anything more then a speed walk.

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