The backlog

The backlog

So much to write about!  This is what happens when I don’t write every week…

I often think about blog topics as I’m running, riding the bus, or at other random times throughout the day (especially when I have an idea dry spell), and it seems like when I get an idea, I get a handful of them.  Trying to remember them all, on the other hand, is another story.

Here’s the backlog:

  1. When the weather ruins, or inhibits, your run
  2. Returning to the track (and to speedwork)
  3. How to listen when your body tells you not to run (and what happens when you don’t)
  4. Finding time for a run in an incredibly busy, fun-filled weekend

Clearly, I’ll have to break this up into several posts or you’d have to do tons of screen-scrolls to get through it all.  More to come…

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