Next up: Ragnar SoCal with TSFM Ambassadors

Next up: Ragnar SoCal with TSFM Ambassadors

I’m in this weird little in-between period now post-Oakland-recovery and pre-full-on Newport training, so what better thing to do than an ~200 mile relay in southern California?! My thoughts exactly.

our team, in runner number order
our team, in runner number order

I’ve had the pleasure of running two Ragnar relays before, from Madison-Chicago (in 2012 and 2013), and they’re always a good time–tiring as all hell (hello, sleep deprivation) but super fun.

A gaggle, er, 11, other San Francisco Marathon ambassadors and I will be covering the distance between Huntington Beach and San Diego, beginning around mid-day on Friday. We’ve been super fortunate to have a flurry of sponsors supporting us on this little trek, including the following fine organizations:

  • The San Francisco Marathon — our vans and gear for the weekend. Naturally, we’ll be promoting the race all weekend long, so don’t be shy! Register and get yourself out here come July to run with me 🙂 ($10 off registration costs for any event by using DSC10TSFM2014A26 … hollllaaaaa)
  • Nuun Hydration — weekend-long hydration wonders (and the fine folks who graciously comped our race entry)
  • FitSok — the ever-important socks
  • Zensah compression — squeezin’ our bits between legs to recover quickly before running again… and again…
  • Gametiime — our ‘between-legs’ attire. Sidenote, I love their site, and if you live in the Pacific NW or NY-area east coast, definitely check them out. I have found tons of races through their site
  • and last but not least, Skechers — our official kicks for the races

Post-relay (a week later), I’m scheduled to pace the 1:45 pace group at the Santa Cruz half marathon, and after that, we’ll be in marathon training mode for Newport.

More to come!


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  1. Aww running through the OC and down the SoCal coast! Have a blast! Also, I’ve been curious about being a pacer for a race. Let me/us know how it goes! And good luck with both of these endeavors!

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