Racing history & PRs and such

Racing history & PRs and such

Here’s a quick view of my running history over the years. You can look at the link below, which will take you to a Google spreadsheet I’ve been keeping, or you can look at Athlinks, which is also linked below.

Erin’s running resume/running history



The PR highlights:

5k: 20:31, Y-Me Mother’s Day Race, Chicago – Mother’s Day 2012

3.5m: 24:14; JP Morgan Chase Challenge, Chicago – 5/28/2010

4mi: 27:27*, Home Run for the Homeless, Akron, OH – Thanksgiving, 2012 (course cut short because of construction, so the time is for 3.8 mi, not 4; still a PR at that pace)

8k: 33:29; Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago – 4/7/2013

5m: 41:24, Labor of Love 5miler, Akron, OH – Labor Day 2011

10k: 43:37, Big Game Superbowl 10k, Chicago – Feb 2013 (Super Bowl Sunday)

15k: 1:07:20, Biggest Loser 15k, Rockford, IL – 6/15/2013

10mi: 1:15:06, Perfect 10-Miler, NE Ohio – 8/17/08

Half marathon: 1:31, Berkeley Half Marathon – November 2016

Marathon: 3:19, Two Cities Marathon – November 2016

Other: Ragnar Madison-Chicago 200-mi Relay, 20.99 miles in 2013 (<26 hours overall, as part of 10-person team)

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  1. I love this spreadsheet! And wow, you’re really slicing your times down, you’re going to have a great year!

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